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Famous Natural Personality Types

Gisele Bundchen Karlie Kloss Jennifer Lawrence Sarah Hyland Teresa Palmer Sienna Miller Jennifer Aniston Chrissy Teigen Margot Robbie Jessica Alba Kate Moss  

style personality

Style Personality Quiz

Whatever our personal styles are, they reflect each of us. Our style personalities express how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. In general all of our personal styles can be categorised into six different style personalities, Classic, Feminine, Charismatic, Unique, Natural and Innovative. What is important to remember is that… Continue reading Style Personality Quiz

style personality

Natural Style Personality Introduction

The Natural Style Personality likes to keep things simple. Feeling comfortable is the most important thing for them, and for this reason they often look effortlessly cool. This style personality is attracted to natural earthy tones and basics. For this reason they can be described as style chameleons, due to the fact that they dress… Continue reading Natural Style Personality Introduction