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The Elegant Fashions of 1900-1909

The early 1900s continued the elegant silhouette of the 1890s. Collars were stiff and tall, and blouses were lacy and frilly and often paired with a separate skirt. The hair was inspired by full Gibson Girl hairstyles and it was fitted underneath a wide-brimmed hat. The S bend corset was popular among women, the S… Continue reading The Elegant Fashions of 1900-1909

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Celebration of Dior’s New Look

Christian Dior revolutionised women's fashion in the mid twentieth century, following the Second World War. His New Look which debuted in 1947 shocked the world but its effects were key in reshaping the post war woman. After years of austerity, the New Look used masses of fabric to achieve the iconic hourglass shape. It was… Continue reading Celebration of Dior’s New Look