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Famous Classic Style Personality Types

Kate Middleton Meghan Markle Jessica Chastain Tatiana Maslany Frieda Pinto Daisy Ridley Gina Rodriguez Alicia Vikander Tina Fey Scarlett Johansson Charlize Theron Dita Von Teese Emma Watson Sandra Bullock Natalie Portman Monica Bellucci Salma Hayek Miranda Kerr To see what Style Personality Type fits you, take the quiz here.

style personality

Style Personality Quiz

Whatever our personal styles are, they reflect each of us. Our style personalities express how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. In general all of our personal styles can be categorised into six different style personalities, Classic, Feminine, Charismatic, Unique, Natural and Innovative. What is important to remember is that… Continue reading Style Personality Quiz

style personality

Classic Style Personality Introduction

If you have a classic Style Personality your style can be described as refined, chic and timeless. Your clothing choices are incredibly sophisticated and you always know how to dress for any occasion. The colours that take up the majority of your wardrobe are black, blue and grey tones and while you aren't averse to… Continue reading Classic Style Personality Introduction