4 Tips for packing for winter travel

For the past month I have left the increasingly hot conditions of my home in Australia for the colder European climates and I have learned some essential tips for packing for winter travel that I have made my travels more stress free. Because let’s face it as much as we may love our clothes we don’t love carting them around moving from place to place, especially when it’s col.

Stick to a small colour palette

When you’re limited to around 20-30 kgs of checked luggage you simply don’t have the capacity to have a wide variety of outfits especially in winter where clothing is bulkier. About two weeks before my departure I came up with a small colour palette that I would stick to on my travels. Muted olive green suits me and suits most of my neutrals as does salmon dusty rose pastel pink (don’t know what the proper name for it is!!!) So stick to the colours that work and remember travel is not the time for fashion experimentation (unless you’re Rihanna.)

Have a lot of neutrals

Neutrals go with anything that’s why they’re neutral! No seriously, when you’re travelling you want everything that you pack to go with everything that you pack, that is the only way you will get any sort of outfit variety. I have packed A LOT of greys in my bag and have found that they basically go with everything else including other shades of grey.

Accessories with colour

If you think neutrals are too boring for you, you can always get a bit of colour with your accessories. Accessories are typically lighter and smaller they aren’t going to take up that much space. So go crazy with colourful accessories but not too crazy as you still are limited by space when you travel.

Buy cold stuff over there

Coming from the Southern Hemisphere meant that I couldn’t get appropriately warm enough clothes before I left, and living in a place which has milder winters meant that I also didn’t have the warmest clothes in my wardrobe anyway. But you know where you can get appropriately warm clothes? COLD PLACES! Just do research about this beforehand so you aren’t running about in freezing cold weather trying to find a decent coat!

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