Past Style Rules that should stay

Don’t wear white to a wedding

This one should speak for itself, while it is respectful to dress up for a wedding it’s important to remember that when you’re a guest at a wedding it’s not about you. Wearing white can take away the bride’s thunder, by all means, dress up but do it in a way that’s supportive.

Make sure that everything fits

This comes down to understanding your body and TRYING THINGS ON BEFORE YOU BUY THEM, and if you’re online shopping, making sure that they allow returns. Labels are notorious for having variations in size when you compare them to other brands. Also, remember the BBB rule (making sure it fits the back, bottom and provides balance.)

Wear what is comfortable

This one may seem obvious but I see so many people wear heels that they can’t walk in or fussy dresses that they have to keep adjusting every 5 minutes. If you’re going to be carrying your shoes home then maybe it’s best not to wear them. It’s also important to remember that people who are comfortable in their clothes tend to look better and are happier.

Remember to iron

Yes I know, ironing is a hassle but if you think that don’t buy clothes that need to be ironed. Crinkled clothes don’t look good and it can make you look unprofessional and careless, words that often aren’t used as compliments. If ironing isn’t for you, you can always invest in a handheld portable steamer.

Don’t wear dark underwear with light clothing

This just looks tacky, everyone should invest in some nude-colored underwear if you don’t want to invest in underwear of every color. The visible bra strap is also questionable and if you desperately want to wear that sexy backless dress with a bra buy a self-adhesive bra or these self-adhesive rabbit bras.

Don’t wear sandals with socks

Socks with toe covered shoes can be a great look but the look doesn’t work when you pair socks with sandals. Indeed, wearing sandals with socks seems counterintuitive, nothing about it makes sense.

Don’t show more than what you’re comfortable with

As trends come and go suddenly we find that cleavage is popular and then a few months later showing off a lot of leg is popular. However, not everyone is comfortable showing off a lot of skin no matter what the trends say and that is completely okay as comfort should always be a top priority when dressing.


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