The Style Rules From the Past that it’s okay to break

Blue and Green should not be seen unless there’s something in between

Blue and green sit in a similar position on the color wheel which means that it is absolutely okay to wear them together. Blue and green exist together everywhere in nature from the sky and grass to beautiful peacock feathers.

Never mix Black and Navy

Black and Navy have a similar hue and as they are both dark colors the belief that they don’t go together makes absolutely no sense. Black and navy are also neutral colors and one thing to remember is that neutral colors always go well together, that’s why they’re neutral.

Don’t mix prints

This rule emerged when elegance was seen as being associated with simplicity and mixing prints was seen as tacky and over the top. The reality is that mixing prints can be incredibly stylish and chic, you just have to be strategic about it. For example, if you want to mix prints make sure that they have matching colors so that you can have a balance between harmony and chaos.

Don’t mix silver and gold jewelry

Again a rule that was born out of the assumption that simplicity is the key to elegance, but this assumes that simplicity can only be achieved if you stay within a certain color scheme. While silver and gold may look better on certain skin tones it does not mean that they can’t go together.

Bag, shoes, and Belt should always match

Throw this rule out the window because it has no place in our time. In fact, I think it actually looks better if you mix and match your accessories because trying to match too hard can look like you thought about it too much.

Don’t mix brown and black

This like the ‘don’t mix navy and black’ rule doesn’t make sense. The rule was born out of the belief that your shoes, belt, and bag should always match. In fact, I love nothing better than to mix a black outfit with a pair of cute brown boots.

Don’t wear … after a certain age

This rule was born out of ageist and sexist assumptions and no matter whether it is ‘don’t wear short skirts after age 35’ or ‘Only have short hair after 50,’ you should always wear what is comfortable to you, no matter what your age is.


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