Trendy Style Personality

The Trendy Style Personality always has their finger on the pulse of current styles and fashions. They always know how to exploit the current trends for their benefit and utilize their immense knowledge of style in order to predict future trends to stay ahead of the style curve.

This Style Personality is someone who usually lives in the moment and likes their image to match with that outlook. As such, their personal style can appear to be quite diverse and ever-changing, which can be seen when you look at pictures of them from ten or even five years ago. This can also mean that they hate looking at old pictures of themselves in those out of date styles.

Often the Trendy Style Personality is a trendsetter because they focus on what is popular so that they can get ahead of the curve and then set the fashions for the coming months. Because they are trendsetters they usually have a lot of influence within their social group or community and can be quite charismatic. They also love to read all of the current fashion magazines and scroll through Instagram, which makes them almost like encyclopedias of fashion knowledge.

Sometimes the Trendy Style Personality is characterized as materialistic or criticized for not having their own personal style as they like to follow what’s popular. However, the Trendy Style Personality’s knowledge of fashion and style means that they usually know what suits them best, as such they usually stay away from the trends that don’t suit them well. After all, they couldn’t be trendsetters if they were wearing clothes that didn’t suit them.

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