Masculine Style Personality

The Masculine Style Personality prefers to have an androgynous style and is the direct opposite of the Feminine Style Personality. Instead of loving florals, dresses, and pastels, the Masculine Style Personality prefers angular prints, trousers, and neutral colors.

Historically, Masculine Style Personalities have stood out from other women as they have subverted expectations of womanhood. They were women like Katharine Hepburn who were famous for their rejections of skirts in favor of trousers, and because of this, it became an integral part of her star image or Marlene Dietrich who famously wore a tuxedo in the 1930 film Morocco.

The Masculine Style Personality is often attracted to harsh and angular lines, preferring blazers and straight-legged pants. They are often averse to wearing dresses, skirts, and heels but will sometimes wear them if the situation calls for it. When they do wear dresses or skirts they usually serve a functional purpose and aren’t usually figure-hugging and when they wear heels they usually stay away from stilettos and sky-high heels, preferring yet again to stay functional and practical.

While the Masculine Style Personality may rebel from the traditional standards of feminine beauty, this does not necessarily mean that they don’t care about their overall aesthetic or appearance. Indeed, many of them can be just as particular about their appearance as the Feminine Style Personality, as their approach to fashion means that they subvert the expectations of their gender, thus justifying a somewhat dedicated approach to their appearance.

Recently, the Masculine Style Personality has become more popular and accepted among women. As such, it can be harder to separate it from the Classic Style Personality, as they can have a similar color palette. However, the principal difference is that the Classic Style Personality can appear traditionally feminine as they can be a bit more stylishly conservative. Basically, Audrey Hepburn is Classic, while Katherine Hepburn is Masculine.

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