How to express yourself through color.

photo of woman wearing red gown
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The color of confidence, passion, love, and energy. Red is an emotionally intense color and on the negative side, it can represent anger and aggression. Red increases respiration and heart rate and is a color that is hard to ignore.

Wear it When

You are wanting to stand out from the crowd and maybe make a distinct impression. Red is the perfect color for public speaking, first dates and maybe even job interviews if under the right circumstances.

Avoid it When

  • You are working as a part of a team as it draws attention to a single person
  • To Funerals as it is inappropriate
  • Weddings unless it is a muted version
  • If you are a naturally shy person
woman in blue and white striped top raising her left hand
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The most common favorite color that represents honesty, loyalty, and wisdom. Blue slows human metabolism and often has a calming effect when viewed. Light blue symbolizes softness and is more feminine, due to its similarities with the sky it produces a calming effect, while dark blue is more serious and associated with knowledge.

Wear it When

Blue is an appropriate color to wear when you may be entering a tense situation as its calming effect diffuses tension positively. As blue is the world’s most common favorite color it can be great for meeting new people as it often conveys an approachability in the wearer.

Avoid it When

  • You need to be assertive
  • You want to stand out
smiling woman looking upright standing against yellow wall
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The color of sunshine and happiness, yellow is a very stimulating color that activates mental energy and muscle activity. Brighter shades draw attention similarly to red but without red’s emotional intensity and intimidation.

Wear it When

Yellow is the perfect color for summer, although it can be a hard color to pull off. It is also perfect for fun occasions during the day and for moments of high activity.

Avoid it When

  • Due to its associations with joy and excitement, it probably isn’t a good idea to wear yellow for somber occasions
woman wearing green fur jacket
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The color of nature, green symbolizes growth and stability and if it has blue undertones it can symbolize harmony and peacefulness. Green historically has symbolized fertility as such it can represent kindness and nurture.

Wear it When

Green can demonstrate kindness and dependability, it is also great at encouraging people so it is a great color for teachers and leaders to wear.

Avoid it When

  • You wish to demonstrate authority assertively
woman standing and leaning on tree
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Historically purple has been associated with royalty as it was an expensive dye, some countries even had sumptuary laws banning ordinary people from wearing the color. As such it is a luxurious and mysterious color that can also evoke sensitivity and creativity.

Wear it When

Purple is the perfect color when you wish to appear luxurious and elite it can also be used to evoke an aura of mystery. Lighter purples can represent femininity and can have an inspirational quality to them.

Avoid it When

  • You want to appear approachable (however, light purple can be softer and approachable)
  • You want to blend in
  • You like simplicity instead of extravagance
woman wearing orange v neck overall dress sitting on chair
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Orange combines the intensity and passion of red and the joyfulness and enthusiasm of yellow. It is a stimulating and optimistic color that can draw attention in a more subdued way when compared to red. To the human eye, orange stimulates mental activity so it is incredibly energetic.

Wear it When

Orange draws attention in a fun way, however, it can be a tricky color to pull off. It is a color that evokes an enthusiastic and adventurous spirit, so it can be useful to wear during high energy activities or when you wish to motivate others.

Avoid it When

  • You are attending somber events such as funerals
  • You are feeling restless or tired
woman wearing pink long sleeved shirt ad white drawstring bottoms
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The typical color for femininity and softness, pink evokes compassion, warmth, and playfulness. As a softer version of red, it has some of the qualities of red such as love, but without the aggression and anger.

Wear it When

Pink is an approachable color, that evokes warmth so it is great for most social occasions. As a softer version of red, it blends more easily, so it is great for blending in with the crowd (unless it’s bright pink.)

Avoid it When

  • You want to stand out
  • You don’t want to appear too feminine
woman in white robe
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White is the color of innocence and purity, it symbolizes goodness and often has religious and moral connotations. White is always viewed positively and is a safe color that demonstrates simplicity and cleanliness.

Wear it When

White can be worn in any situation as it is a neutral color that goes with everything.

Avoid it When

  • You will be doing any activity where something may be spilled on your clothing
photo of woman standing inside train holding on metal rail while looking outside
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Black is the opposite of white and signals power, authority, and elegance. While it is sometimes viewed negatively, it can also exude a sense of mystery and strength.

Wear it When

Black, similarly to white is a neutral color that can work in a lot of different styles and in a lot of different contexts. It works well in a lot of workplaces as it can convey professionalism.

Avoid it When

  • You don’t want to convey a sense of authority
  • You want to appear optimistic and adventurous
selective focus photography of woman holding umbrella
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Brown represents the earth and can be a grounding force, symbolizing reliability and honesty. Brown also can represent comfort as it lacks the emotional intensity of brighter colors.

Wear it When

Brown can imply common sense, due to its grounding nature, as such, it can be useful to wear it when mediating conflict or providing comfort to another person.

Avoid it When

  • You want to make a big statement
woman in gray blazer stands on gray concrete floor
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Gray is a neutral color and often represents conservatism and practicality.  Gray is very trustworthy and doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with being boring and bland.

Wear it When

Gray is important to wear when you wish to convey a sense of maturity and responsibility so it can be valuable to wear during a job interview or during any professional setting.

Avoid it When

  • You are attending formal events


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