Elegant Style Personality

Elegance is a trait that women throughout history have aspired towards as it implies a degree of maturity, femininity and timeless style. Elegance is defined as the quality of appearing graceful and stylish in both appearance and manner, it can also be seen as a beauty that derives from simplicity in form.

If you are an Elegant Style Personality you care about appearing graceful and well put together. The way elegant style manifests in an elegant personality is through a seamless merging of proportions so that all the elements of the outfit fit together perfectly without one item standing above the others. As a general rule elegant style usually doesn’t utilize statement accessories, but rather chooses simple accessories that blend effortlessly with an outfit. This can be anything from simple pearl earrings or necklace, a silver pendant or a small black bag. 

Elegant Style Personalities will generally shy away from bright colors and harsh lines seeing them as extravagantly showy and unnecessary. They tend to believe that less is more and will often wear naturalistic makeup and refined hairstyles to complement their outfit choices.

The elegant style personality will usually have quite a traditional approach to fashion and style or an appreciation for timeless and vintage fashions. On the surface, they may seem similar to the Classic Style Personality and the Feminine Style Personality. However, I usually associate the Classic Style Personality more with a sense of professionalism and a strong idea of what is appropriate to whatever situation while the Elegant Style Personality is more associated with beauty, attention to form, flow and an overall appearance of gracefulness. The Feminine Style Personality differs as it focuses on the appearance of traditional femininity through color, style, print and cut while the Elegant Style Personality can appear androgynous depending on the wearer. However, it is important to note that while we all may favor one over the other, it is possible to have more than one style personality influencing our fashion choices.

Featured Image Source – Pexels


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