Essential Style Tips for a Slimming Effect

All of our perceptions of the world are illusions, they are entirely unique to us. What we see may be completely different from what another person sees. This means that everyone has a very individualised view of the world. However, the brains of human beings are programmed to see patterns in everything. This means that it becomes very easy for us to alter the perceptions of others which can be useful in presenting our sense of style to the world, while making feel and look great.

These are the essential style tips and tricks that can aid in creating a slimmer silhouette to share with the world!

If you want to define your shape

Find appropriate form fitting clothes

  • While it can be tempting to wear baggy clothes in order to draw attention away from our bodies, the best thing to do is finding fitted clothing that emphasise the best parts of your figure. You could even add a trusted blazer to your ensemble as they are always slimming and classy.


  • Shapewear can massively improve your silhouette and is often a great support for your muscles.


  • If you are an hourglass or pear shape, belts can draw attention to your waist which is typically slimmer.

Hide unflattering areas

Wear all black or really any darker block colour

  • Darker block colours create the illusion of slimness. Black is always the best option, but it also works with dark blue, navy, and grey.

Wear wrap dresses

  • Wrap dresses similarly to belts draw attention to a slimmer waist. As they are usually v-necked, this separates the chest area which makes it appear smaller.

Accessorise wisely

  • Statement jewelry helps to draw attention away from any unflattering areas.

To appear long and lean

Vertical Stripes

  • Vertical stripes elongate the body and make it appear slimmer. They provide the opposite effect to horizontal stripes which can make the wearer appear wider.

Wear Long Layers

  • Long layers elongate your torso, which aids in creating a slimming effect. Adding layers also adds definition to your body which is always a great thing.

High Waist Jeans

  • High waist jeans tuck everything in and help with appearing tall and slender.

Appear to Shrink certain areas of your body

Embrace V necks

  • V Necks are great at separating the chest area which makes it look smaller

Wear maxi skirts

  • Maxi skirts with a bit of flair can draw attention to the waist and they are also great at concealing unflattering areas below the waist.



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