The five best style tips I’ve ever received…

We are all bound to make crucial style mistakes as we embark on our journey to become better fashionistas. I would definitely say that my style today is the best it has ever been and one of the main reasons is the crucial pieces of style advice I have received. Here are some of the best style tips I have come across.

Wear what fits

Clothing sizes are never set in stone and clothing designs are meant to fit the average person. However, no one’s body is truly average, meaning that it can often be hard to find the perfect clothes. Sometimes it is necessary to get clothes tailored to suit your individual needs. Nothing can ruin an outfit’s overall silhouette like ill-fitting trousers or a shirt that emphasises all the areas that you don’t want to be emphasised. Finding the right clothes that fit is also important for feeling comfortable which as we know is the most important thing.

Dress for the body you have not the one you want

If you are tall and slender, what suits you is likely not to suit someone who is shorter and voluptuous. One of the most important things to find out in order to maximise your style potential is what body type you are. The most common type for women is pear but many women also fit into the hourglass type, the apple type and the rectangular type. I personally fit into the hourglass type and I’ve found that wrap dresses and wrap tops suit me the best. If you are unaware of your body type try this calculator to find out. Dressing for your body also requires an understanding of what colour palette suits you best. To find this out look at the veins on your arm, if they are blue you have a cool skin tone and if they are green you have a warm skin tone.

Less is more

Minimalist and simplistic style is almost always guaranteed to look classic and elegant, it is also always easy to achieve. The key to nailing this tip is to not overwhelm your outfit, think like Victoria Beckham or the Duchess of Cambridge.

Be Wary of Trends

Trends are temporary, they can often be incredibly strange and they also date your outfits. The most enduring style icons in history (people like Audrey Hepburn) were aware of this and as such they mastered the timeless look. This isn’t to say that all trends are bad and some of the best ones even come back in to fashion years later. However, some can be really awful such as the uggs with mini skirts trend of the early 00s.

The Combination Rule

The Combination Rule is something I have used since my teen years to mix and match different styles and colours. The rule is not to combine more than two contrasting or complementary styles and have them link together in a key way. For example if you want to mix contrasting colours such as purple and green, choose clothes that have a similar pattern or design, or if you want to mix florals and stripes, choose patterns that have a similar colour palette.

What’s the best piece of style advice that you’ve ever received?

Featured photo provided by Pexels


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