Where will Fashion be 10 years from now?

Think back to ten years ago, the year was 2008, ‘Low’ was the most popular song, ‘The Dark Knight’ was the most popular film and Boho Chic and mini skirts were what was fashionable. Lady Gaga, Blake Lively and Mischa Barton were some of the years biggest fashion icons and the Y2K fashions that were popular early in the decade had well and truly passed. Ten years on and some of the biggest trends from this year are that check prints are making a comeback and PVC clothing is now considered cool.

Predicting what will be fashionable ten years from now is near impossible. So much of our fashion is influenced by whatever is happening in the world around us. We’ve all heard that skirt lengths are determined by the economics of the day. Fashion is also determined by whatever subcultures are dominant, which was seen with the Hipster subculture’s rise in popularity. We also know that some fashion trends are circular, the 90s revival has determined some of the fashion trends today, meaning that by 2028 we could see a return to low rise jeans and whale tails of the early 2000s.

In many ways it doesn’t matter what will be fashionable ten years from now. We live in a time when conformity isn’t required with our clothing. The fashions of the next ten years will change, some of them we will like and dislike, some of them we will try to incorporate into our style and some we will wish we never laid our eyes on.

What do you think will happen in the fashion world ten years from now?

Featured Photo provided by Pexels


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