What your MBTI type says about your style

Just for fun, today I am examining the style types of the personalities of the Myers Briggs System. It is important to note that these descriptions are generalisations. If you are unsure of your type there are a ton of tests online that you can use to find your type. Have fun!


Efficient, realistic and reliable, ESTJs are incredibly practical and professional people. They aren’t attracted to strange trends that would draw unnecessary attention to them for the wrong reasons, rather they would prefer their style to reflect their professional outlook. ESTJs may also be attracted to some flashiness in their outfits but not at the expense of practicality.


Reserved, hardworking and responsible, ISTJs like their ESTJ cousins like practicality in their fashion sense. You will often find that they have developed a trusted uniform for themselves which varies slightly but is generally the same from day to day. They usually steer away from bright colours and can be quite conservative when it comes to their fashion choices.


Friendly, outgoing and organised, ESFJs generally like regular and typical clothes, that may have a girly or sophisticated aspect. They are generally attracted to soft and subtle colours that aren’t too bold or harsh. They don’t want their outfits to clash instead preferring to have every element of their outfit harmonise. They will adapt to some trends, especially the ones that suit their needs as like other SJs they like things to be practical.


Warm, generous and pragmatic, the ISFJ is a very gentle personality. They are also quite practical and don’t want their outfits to be over the top as they don’t wish to stand out too much from the crowd. The ISFJ personality may adapt to trends that aren’t too strange, however they will rarely detract from the trusted uniform they have developed for themselves. Indeed most ISFJs will have a style that is a combination of these two factors, with an element of comfort .


Spontaneous, outgoing and action-oriented, the ESTP is a very bold personality and will usually have clothes that reflect this. They don’t mind being the centre of attention therefore flashy and bright colours are often something that they are attracted to. However, they don’t usually wear anything too flashy due to the fact that they are action-oriented personalities, meaning that they need practical clothes to participate in their favourite activities.


Logical, independent and adventurous, ISTPs are a very grounded personality which reflects in their outfits. They aren’t ones to be easily motivated by trends and most of the time they don’t care if an outfit is trendy or not. They usually prefer loose clothes as looser clothes allow them to move around easily without worrying about overly fussy clothes. Overall the ISTP personality usually wears casual clothing that is appropriate for many activities.


Spontaneous, enthusiastic and friendly, ESFPs are usually attracted to incredibly flashy outfits. The ESFP personality is very aware of trends and what is happening in the fashion world. As a creative personality they will often adapt trends to their own personal style. ESFPs have an appreciation for beauty and as fashion is an outlet for creative expression, this appreciation reflects in their outfit choices.


Sensitive, nurturing and realistic, ISFPs combine their creative spirit with practicality. ISFPs have a unique edge to their style which can set them apart from the crowd. However as introverts this unique edge isn’t necessarily flashy or over the top, it is more something that reflects their true self. ISFPs have an awareness for current trends and can be somewhat influenced by them, though this is often in combination with their personal style.


Logical, ambitious and outgoing, the ENTJ is the personality type most likely to power dress. ENTJs dress professionally and often have a classic style that is sophisticated and classy. Often, their fashion sense reflects their desire for success as they are an ambitious personality. When it comes to fashion trends they do not follow blindly, instead incorporating the best trends into their overall image.


Insightful, independent and strategic, the INTJ doesn’t care that much for fashion trends and isn’t usually influenced by others around them. They usually have a very individualistic style that may have a classy twist as like their ENTJ cousins they can be ambitious and aim for that to convey through their fashion choices. However as they would prefer not to stand out, they are usually drawn to darker colours.


Caring, idealistic and diplomatic, the ENFJ will almost always be dressed appropriately for any occasion. They do pay attention to trends but will usually steer clear from the extravagant ones that portray them in a way that is contrary to their values. ENFJs usually love subtle and harmonious colours which they combine with elements that express their individuality.


Compassionate, gentle and insightful, the INFJ doesn’t care to stand out from the crowd, but will still have a personal style that does seem somewhat different. INFJs like fashions that blend with others however these fashions may have a subtle quirkiness that expresses their true selves and their values. They will occasionally pay attention to trends, however comfort is also a priority for them.


Inventive, inquisitive and enthusiastic, the ENTP will often have a quirky style that only they can pull off. They don’t mind being called weird or strange and this will reflect in their outfit choices. ENTPs usually dress in an offbeat and quirky way as they truly don’t care about what others think about their fashion choices. They can be experimental in their fashion choices often dressing in ways that no one would expect.


Intellectual, reserved and imaginative, the INTP doesn’t usually care for fashion or put much thought into their own self expression. Out of all types they probably are the ones most likely to view fashion as not that important as they would prefer to focus on other things. Comfort and ease are the most important things to them when deciding outfits, however there may be traces of quirkiness within those decisions.


Creative, optimistic and playful, the ENFP will often have a fun and quirky sense of style. They are attracted to bright colours and fun prints, however there is a sense of individualism within their clothing choices that is very noticeable. They don’t necessarily dress to impress, but some do like to have fun with their fashion. They are a type who will dress how they want, whenever they want, no matter the occasion.


Sensitive, idealistic and creative, the INFP will have a very unique sense of style that they feel truly reflects their inner self. INFPs are true artists and will often dress according to how they feel and what they want to represent, as such they have a very individualistic sense of style and no two INFPs will ever dress the same. They don’t seek attention when dressing and as they want their style to be unique to them, they don’t necessarily want to be seen as trendsetters.

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