Clothing Inspired by Movies (Kitty Foyle)

Movies have long been an inspiration for various fashion trends throughout history. During the 1940s movies were essentially the number 1 in entertainment and their influence in fashion was huge. One of the defining silhouettes of the era was inspired by the film Kitty Foyle and the dress which shares its name is the subject of today’s post.

The film Kitty Foyle was released in 1940 and starred Ginger Rogers, who later won Best Actress for the role. The Kitty Foyle dress is a dark coloured dress, typically navy blue or black which contrasts with the lighter coloured collar and cuffs. The dress has a fitted waist and features buttons.

Ginger Rogers in the Original Dress. Image Source PD US

The dress became popular during the war time austerity era, as it suited the era’s practical needs. Woman at the time would often convert their old shirt waist dresses from the 1930s to suit the changing fashions. One of the reasons the Kitty Foyle dress became so popular is because the way in which they are cut suits almost anyone. It didn’t matter what body shape and size you were, the dress was flattering on everyone. It also evokes the elegance and simplicity of the era, and they definitely have a classic feel to them.

An example of the Kitty Foyle dress. Image Source PD US



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