Kimonos – An Appreciation Post

Kimonos are an essential item in any woman’s wardrobe. They can go with almost any outfit, make a white t-shirt suddenly look like more than a basic and they are so pretty. I live in Australia and also happen to be of Irish descent meaning that the sun here absolutely loves chasing my skin every time I walk outside, turning me into something resembling a tomato! Kimonos are light, floaty and are perfect for those sunny days when you can’t be bothered to put on sun screen but also want to be cooled down by those breezes that catch the Kimono and flap it around, instantly cooling you down.

Kimonos are something that can pretty much work for every season, except for winter, unless you live in a warmer climate. In fact they can work as the perfect fashion items to transition between the seasons. From winter to spring you can transition from a cardigan or a jacket to a kimono, in preparation for the warmer months. Alternatively from summer to autumn, kimonos can provide some added warmth as the weather becomes cooler.

Kimonos are one of the items of clothing that can suit any style personality. This is because of the wide range of prints they can come in. I especially love kimonos with floral prints, which isn’t that surprising since I love florals on absolutely everything. Kimonos can appear as any style from haute couture to casual boho chic. Meaning you can never go wrong with a trusty Kimono, no matter what.

Heres a few examples of how to style a kimono.

A longer Kimono can work well with dresses. This floral printed kimono works well with a Body con LBD. The flowing nature of the kimono provides a nice contrast to the figure hugging dress. This look can be paired with ankle boots for the daytime, or strappy high heeled sandals if going out.

kimono 2.jpg

Shorter Kimonos can dress up a casual outfit. This burgundy kimono works with a pair of black jeans or trousers. I’ve paired it with a black top and a floral printed scarf to jazz it up a bit more.

Kimono 1.jpg



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