What will the 2010s be remembered for?

Every decade is remembered as having a distinct fashion personality that defines it. The 2000s had boho chic, the 90s were minimalist and grungy, the 80s were bold and flashy, the 70s had disco styles and the 60s had counterculture styles. Obviously we can’t exactly tell what will define this era until years later, but we can guess.

So will this decade be remembered as the decade for Instagram eyebrows, body con dresses or clear plastic heels. As we are now living witnessing the varied trends of today, fashion does seem more directionless than previous decades. This is because previous decades tend to be painted by wide brushstrokes, even though not everyone in the sixties dressed like they were a part of the counterculture movement and not everyone during the eighties liked neon colours and big hair. Therefore it seems that whatever is the most memorable trend of the decade is the one that defines it for subsequent decades.

So what is the most memorable trend of this decade? Is it hipster fashion? Will this decade be forever remembered as the decade that celebrated anti-mainstream fashion and vintage trends. Or is it athleisure? Meaning that this decade could be remembered as the time when we all strutted around in our active wear.

No matter what this decade will be remembered for its hard to predict it now. What do you think this decade will be remembered from in regards to fashion? Tell us in the comments.

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