Thank God for the 1920s!

The 1920s were the most influential era for fashion. This definitive statement may perplex those who hate the shapeless dresses, the finger waved bob or the cloche hat. However, I believe that it is not the trends or new clothing items that make it the most influential era for fashion, instead I believe that the revolutionary aspects that make it so.

Before the 1920s, corsets were always worn unless you were a prostitute, ankles were never shown unless you were a prostitute, and hair was waist length and never worn loose unless you were a prostitute. But the 1920s changed everything, it was the birth of modern fashion and style, without it there is every chance that we would still be laced away in uncomfortable corsets.

Seriously we went from this.


Image Source

To this.


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This change happened in only a matter of decades. Emerging after the First World War, when women had found a new sense of empowerment and liberation. Don’t get me wrong I love the femininity and elegance of Victorian fashion, but I would hate to wear it every day. So, Thank God for the 1920s.


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The 1920s certainly didn’t throw elegance out of the window. Check out this gorgeous ensemble shown above by actress and dancer Louise Brooks, who embodied the new flapper ideal. Flappers were essentially young western women who disregarded Victorian and Edwardian conventions, preferring short hair, shorter dresses and Jazz music. Flappers were considered outrageous and immoral by previous generations who thought their presence marked the end of the world (sound familiar?) Their style choices were influenced by their newfound freedom and independent outlook. They experimented with style and broke all of the rules, changing the style game forever.

Shoes, pair, woman’s photo by Clarks; Buchanan & Edwards shared under a Creative Commons (BY 4.0) license

Image Source

The 1920s signalled the birth of modern fashion. As such we can find style inspiration from the era. Like these shoes above, which are incredibly sophisticated with a touch of classic elegance.


Image Source

You could also be inspired by this gorgeous beaded flapper dress shown above which was worn by Actress Alice Joyce.


Image Source

Or maybe you’d love to try the bobbed finger-waved style.

The 1920s started modern fashion. It meant that individuality was a factor in establishing personal style. It was a reflection of the changing times and the growing freedom of women. These styles changes everything and everything was changed for the better. So Thank God for the 1920s!

What do you think about 1920s fashion? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. I think you have mentioned some very interesting points, thanks for the post.


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