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Whatever our personal styles are, they reflect each of us. Our style personalities express how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. In general all of our personal styles can be categorised into six different style personalities, Classic, Feminine, Charismatic, Unique, Natural and Innovative. What is important to remember is that whatever style personality is doesn’t mean that you are a carbon copy of all others of that type. It merely describes your approach to style and trends. You may even find that you are a combination of two or three style personalities. This short quiz will give you a rough indication of what is the best fit for your style personality. Enjoy!


What colours and prints are you most attracted to?

a) Blue, Black and Grey

b) Pink and Pastels

c) Gold, Red and Black

d) Anything dramatic

e) Earthy tones like brown and greens

f) Anything bright and bold


How do you like to wear your make up?

a) Classic red lipstick, simple eye make up, nothing too showy

b) Light pink lips with a bit of blush

c) Contoured, dramatic lips, eyebrows done and luscious lashes

d) Dark lips, heavy eye make up, eclectic colours

e) Little make up, chapstick

f) Anything bright and bold will do


What is your attitude towards trends?

a) I prefer classic pieces so I don’t pay that much attentions to trends

b) I’ll adapt to trends that aren’t too bold or strange

c) I like trends, but I only follow the ones that make me look fabulous

d) Trends are conformist, I prefer to follow my own inspiration

e) I don’t really think that much about trends

f) I set the trends


How important is comfort to you?

a) My Style is practical so comfort is always important

b) I love free and floaty styles, but I also like heels, so its kind of important

c) Looking good is more important to me

d) As long as I can express myself comfort doesn’t matter

e) I dress for comfort

f) I would do anything for fashion so I don’t care about comfort


What is your favourite style era?

a) The 1940s, classic and sophisticated can never go wrong

b) The Victorian Era, I love skirts and lace

c) The 1950s, Anything that embraces curves

d) The 1960s, I love the counter culture

e) The 1990s, I love effortless Style

f) Right now, I don’t focus on the past


What can’t you live without?

a) My trusted black handbag

b) Pink lipgloss

c) Sexy black dress

d) Eyeliner

e) My Jeans

f) High Heels


Who is your style icon?

a) Audrey Hepburn

b) Grace Kelly

c) Marilyn Monroe

d) Lady Gaga

e) Jennifer Aniston

f) Rihanna


How do you want others to see you?

a) As sophisticated and presentable

b) As ladylike and warm

c) As impressive and beautiful

d) As original and creative

e) As effortless and relaxed

f) As rebellious and daring


Mostly As You are the Classic Style personality

Classic Style Personality Introduction

Mostly Bs You are the Feminine Style Personality

Feminine Style Personality Introduction

Mostly Cs You are the Charismatic Style Personality

Charismatic Style Personality Introduction

Mostly Ds You are the Unique Style Personality

Unique Style Personality Introduction

Mostly Es You are the Natural Style Personality

Natural Style Personality Introduction

Mostly Fs You are the Innovative Style Personality

Innovative Style Personality Introduction

4 responses to “Style Personality Quiz”

  1. I got feminine style personality!


  2. I got classic! No surprise there. Great questions 🙂


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