Natural Style Personality Introduction

The Natural Style Personality likes to keep things simple. Feeling comfortable is the most important thing for them, and for this reason they often look effortlessly cool. This style personality is attracted to natural earthy tones and basics. For this reason they can be described as style chameleons, due to the fact that they dress for the settings without concern as to whether they stand out or not. This style personality is non experimental and likes to keeps things safe and relaxed. Meaning that they don’t like anything that is too fussy and are instead attracted to simple lines and designs.

Due to their casual outlook and style, this style personality often appears to be very approachable. They aspire towards ease in their everyday life and for this reason their wardrobe primarily consists of denim, cotton, knitwear and minimalist jewellery. Overall this makes them appear simplistically elegant as all elements of their look meld together effortlessly. Statement pieces are not common with this style personality as they often clash with their ideals of comfort and their desire not to overwhelm.

You will often find the Natural Style Personality in casual clothing. They prefer simple makeup and some may prefer little to no makeup at all. Their hair isn’t overly styled as they prefer simple up dos, pony tails and natural beach waves. Overall they can be described as informal dressers, however this doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to dress up on occasion. The Natural Style Personality is a style chameleon and they always understand what is the most appropriate and necessary outfit for any occasion.

The Natural Style Personality doesn’t stand out from the crowd for their bold style choices and experimentation. Rather they draw the eye through their warmth and softness that gives off a natural elegance.

Famous examples of the Natural Style Personality include Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence.

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