Innovative Style Personality Introduction

The Innovative Style Personality is a rebellious dresser with a penchant for bold statements and unusual stylings. Their pioneering style makes them intriguing trendsetters who are always noticed by others and subsequently have their styles followed. They are aware of trends but don’t usually follow established ones as they prefer to predict the styles six months ahead so they can be ahead of the curve and set the scene. The Innovative Style personality would never be seen in something that had been out of fashion for a few months as those trends allow for no new experimentation as everything has already been done before. Instead they prefer to modify trends in a bold and original way.

The Innovative Style Personality is a modern dresser and often disregards established style rules as being limiting to their own style and creativity. Their attentions are focused towards the present and the future as their style revolves around the here and now with a focus to the potential trends of the future. They are attracted to contemporary prints mixed with bold colours and accessories, overall these make them appear eclectic. However their attitudes to style often mean that they push the comfort boundaries. This often means that their love of fashion, trends and making bold statements take precedence and are their favourite things. Indeed fashion to this style personality has become somewhat of a hobby to them.

The Innovative Style Personality often appears larger than life, appearing strong and confident with a striking demeanor. As rebellious dressers they often combine many pieces to make different statements, solidifying them as eclectic and attention grabbing dressers. The Innovative Style Personality can overall be described as fearless, they aren’t afraid to show off their bodies and wear revealing clothes as long as they appear edgy and modern.

Famous examples of the Innovative Style Personality are Cardi B, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

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