Unique Style Personality Introduction

If you have the Unique Personality Style, you will likely have an incredibly individualistic sense of style that is rooted in how you see yourself. This style personality has dramatic aspects to their style that aren’t undertaken for attention or praise, rather they aim for self-expression and creative innovation. Overall, they see fashion as an art form, clothing and accessories are wearable art and the view that clothing should only serve a practical purpose is something that they disagree with.

The Unique Style Personality can be described as unconventional. They aren’t influenced by trends and often look down upon trends as unoriginal and conformist. This results in a look that is always individual and creative and yet due to their ambivalence towards trends some unique style personalities can appear timeless and classic or whimsical and unfashionable depending on the individual person’s taste.

The Unique Style Personality is probably the most diverse of all the style personalities due to the fact that their approach to style is reliant on the individual person’s approach to their own self-expression. It is due to this that it is often harder to define them as each person of the Unique Style Personality has their own approach to creativity, art and self-expression. Unlike many other style personalities there aren’t signature colours or prints that can define the group as a whole. As such, this style personality often stands out, as their style is an artistic reflection of their individual self.

The best way of describing the Unique Style Personality would be as a fashion non-conformist. They are often seen breaking trends, wearing mismatched patterns and combining multiple styles. There is also an element of drama and theatricality with the Unique Style Personality and for this reason many of them find themselves pursuing creative professions and hobbies.

Famous examples of the Dramatic Style Personality include Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bjork and Gwen Stefani.

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