Charismatic Style Personality Introduction

If you have the Charismatic Style Personality you possess a fashion sense that is guaranteed to always stand out from the crowd. Your main focus concerning your appearance and clothing choices is always looking your best. It is because of this that the Charismatic style personality is drawn to styles and colours that give a sense of luxury, glamour and magnetism. Often they are attracted to bright colours, textures and prints, that draw the eye and make them stand out from the rest.

The Charismatic Style Personality isn’t influenced by current styles and trends as they don’t like blending in. Instead they want their style to be seen luxurious and desired and want to be admired by others for their keen sense of fashion. They put time and effort into personal grooming and have an understanding of what suits their body type and colouring. They are drawn towards figure hugging and alluring clothing that is guaranteed to get them noticed and are often seen flaunting their best assets and features. For example if they have blue eyes they will wear blue or contrasting colours like yellow to emphasise that colour or if they have an hour glass figure they will wear wrap figure hugging dresses to draw attention to their waist and curvaceous figure.

The Charismatic Style Personality is an innovative and individualistic dresser. However they aren’t usually individualistic for the sake of self expression, rather they are individualistic as it enables them to stand out from the crowd and impress everyone they come into contact with. They are attracted to statement pieces such as attention grabbing necklaces and bold block coloured items. The Charismatic Style Personality can overall be described as a show stopper and their impressive and alluring fashion sense often matches their magnetic personalities and demeanour.

Famous examples of the Charismatic Style Personality Type include Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce.

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