Feminine Style Personality Introduction

If you have the Feminine Style Personality your style can be described as womanly, soft and romantic. You are unafraid of expressing your femininity and love wearing figure accentuating clothing, elegant accessories and warm colours. The colours and patterns that you are drawn to the most are soft pastel colours, white, pink and floaty floral patterns. You don’t usually contrast your colours and patterns instead you achieve a harmonious ensemble with a warm tone.

While this style personality isn’t often known for their practical clothing choices, especially as they favour frills, lace, bows and high heels, they project a warmth and softness in their style that makes them appear to be friendly and fun. They aren’t ones to break the traditional style rules for the sake of breaking them, but they aren’t ones to conservatively abide by them either. Instead they let their heart guide their fashion sense and are often drawn to clothes that reflect their emotions and feelings. The Feminine Style Personality is often Romantic and as such is often inspired by previous eras and vintage styles.

You will find that the Feminine Style Personality pays attention to the latest trends and can be a bit of a fashionista. But they combine this with their own individual taste to craft themselves a unique look that is highly adaptable. They favour make up that is fresh and bright and often pair this with elegant nail polish in their favourite soft pastel colours.

One of the most well suited terms for this style is lady like. While being lady like may seem out-dated in our modern world, you will find that many followers of this style personality type have modernised this term to such an extent that they can make wearing frilly skirts to the grocery store seem practical.

Famous examples of the Feminine Style Personality include: Grace Kelly, the Duchess of Cambridge, Reese Witherspoon and Keira Knightley

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