Classic Style Personality Introduction

If you have a classic Style Personality your style can be described as refined, chic and timeless. Your clothing choices are incredibly sophisticated and you always know how to dress for any occasion. The colours that take up the majority of your wardrobe are black, blue and grey tones and while you aren’t averse to wearing other colours you understand that you can never go wrong with the sophisticated and refined tones of blue, black and grey.

The Classic Style Personality can be described as a bit of a perfectionist and is also a traditionalist when it comes to style rules, they often respect what is right and proper and tend to not experiment with their style. They would never mix black and brown or contrasting prints. They favour matching and coordinated looks with complimentary accessories that are often understated and not overwhelming. They especially love pearls for their effortless simplicity and elegance.

The typical wardrobe of the classic style personality is usually very formal and organised reflecting their desire for ease and practicality. The pieces they choose are typically favoured for their quality over their quantity as the classic style personality is attracted to timeless clothing items that are made to last.

The classic personality style will often look professional and poised and likes to play it safe. The latest trends aren’t important to them and you will typically find that they have developed a trusted uniform for themselves, something that is guaranteed to always have them looking stylish, timeless and refined. They typically have many classic pieces that go with many styles such as a trusted trench coat and a simple white blouse, items that never go out of style. Ultimately that desire to be timeless and always elegant and sophisticated is very important to the classic style personality.

Famous examples of the classic personality type include: Audrey Hepburn, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett.


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