Villanelle’s best fashion moments from Killing Eve

If you haven’t yet seen BBC America’s new series Killing Eve do yourselves a favour and watch it. Not only does it feature two strong female leads playing cat and mouse games with each other across Europe. It also features a truly stylish assassin, the villainous Villanelle who combines classic sophistication with a quirky femininity. Seriously who wouldn’t spend their hard earned assassination money on glamorous outfits and a chic Parisian apartment. So here’s a review of all of her best looks from season 1.


Killing Eve Collage 1.jpg

There is nothing like a Burberry Coat, a Lanvin blouse, Balenciaga boots and vertical striped pants for strolling around Paris after assassinating a politician in Vienna.

Killing Eve 2.jpg

Everyone needs a minty blue Chloe blouse, Paige denim shorts and Doc Martens for a motorbike ride around Tuscany. You also can’t forget the poison encased in a hairpin to make a sweet updo.

Killing Eve 3.jpg

Villanelle manages to steal a gorgeous Burberry Lace Dress from a woman whose husband she has been contracted to kill. Classy huh?

Killing Eve 4.jpg

In the final moments of episode 1, Villanelle wears a gorgeous ETRO Silk Printed Blouse.

killing eve 5.jpg

Villanelle is the type of girl that always has the perfect outfit for strolling around Paris when she’s not killing people. This Phillip Lim Floral Cloque Bomber Jacket adds a touch of youthful quirkiness to an already sophisticated ensemble.

killing eve 6.jpg

What do you do when your being assessed for your psychopathic qualities? Wear a bright pink Molly Goddard dress that highlights your innocence and femininity of course.

Killing Eve 7.jpg

This is the type of look that reads ‘stalker chic with a hint of inflicting multiple stab wounds in a German nightclub.’ All you need to complete this look is a Dries Van Noten Brocade Printed Blazer with a green scarf stolen from the woman investigating you.

killing eve 10.jpg

For a post assassination de-briefing over breakfast what’s better than a pair of metallic floral pajamas by Erdem.

killing eve 9.jpg

Everyone should know that this combination is the perfect outfit for entering a Russian prison. Too bad she probably had to leave this coat behind after her inevitable escape from prison.

Villanelle has truly had some amazing fashion moments in season 1. Killing eve has been renewed for a second season so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 2.

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